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Let's play some music!

If you're here you know the feeling- the one that comes from a good jam session, leaving you feeling like your spiritual chalice has overfloweth. The mental game of saxophone playing- the the equipment, your embouchure, the minute differences in note lengths too nuanced to capture on paper.

We know it too, and we're absolutely hooked. We believe that music should be widely accessible to those in financial need, and for those just looking to expand their musical journey. That's why we have built the Sax Review community- to test and review products sourced directly from manufacturers to identify the best and cheapest deals out there, so that YOU can enjoy the magic of music at an affordable price.

We'll be posting reviews of the best bargains on the net and will post them for public discussion. Also, we may be piloting a program that allows YOU to purchase items, send us a review, and receive a refund for products afterwards. Stay tuned for more details.

Let's play some music.

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